Inventory Forecasting for e-commerce businesses.

Inventory forecasting, purchase orders, optimize stock for multiple warehouses and more!


Do you want to increase your profit by saving time on purchasing and capturing lost revenue? 

Have the confidence knowing you have the right products at the right time. Inventory planner allows you to order enough product to meet demand, manage your purchase orders and identify overstock.

Real Time Inventory ControlAutomatic forecast for replenishment.

Save an enormous amount of time each month by automating the reordering process. Compute the sales forecast for thousands of products in minutes.



Create Purchase orders in one click.

Save time planning purchase orders. Send them directly to your suppliers from Inventory Planner. Keep track of outstanding POs and completed purchases.



Invest in the right products.

Aligning your financial goals with previous sales helps to ensure that sufficient stock levels are available and over-buying is minimized.



All sales channels in one place.

Sell on your website and Amazon? Combine your sales in Inventory Planner and reorder products based on the overall performance.


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Inventory Planner

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